Billing information
Ring name(s) Mazzio, Domenic Mazzio, D-Maz
Height 6"5
Weight 400lbs
Born 9/9/1990
Hometown Australia
Theme music Young Kings ~ Meek Mill
Affiliation(s) Aubree Celeste, Divinity
Federation(s) EHWF
Brand(s) Mayhem
Previous federation(s) N/A
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style Limitless Powerhouse, Super Athlete
Finisher(s) Infinite Dismissal, Iron Punch
Abilities Fighting Genius, Enhanced Senses/Ability, Spirit Ambition Fighting Style
Trainer John Swaggah, Shaolin
Handler Aubree Celeste
Professional career
Debut Jan 2013
Record 67-16
Accomplishments EHWF Champion (x2), EHWF Hardcore Champion, EHWF Northern American Champion, EHWF Tag Team Champion w/ Aubree Celeste, Tag Team of the Year 2013 & 2014 w Aubree Celeste, Match of the Year 2014,
Retired N/A

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